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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Truths about the Author of The Journey

I joined a conversation a while ago and I enjoyed it. It's a survey question and the topic was about "Knowing Someone's Identity". I love taking surveys like this. If you want to know more about the author of this homepage better read the rest of my post entry today.

I love to travel and when I'm in a new place, I can't wait to explore it. I strongly disagree that I am the sole "community".It's impossible. There are people who lock themselves in a four-corner room and forget about the world where he belongs!Man can't live alone. It is proven that we need to socialize with people. Imagine a person who's trapped in an island. He'll surely go crazy if he can't control his emotions!Consequently, I am open with my views, opinions and ideas but only to people I trust. It's hard to share what I got to those who don't want to listen to me or simply don't believe me!There are specific times that I have to keep my thoughts in the sense that I might not get the approval of people. I am afraid that they might absorb it in a negative way.In addition, I see myself as a unique individual.There's only one ladyinpurple/jazzie in this world!On the contrary, I don't segregate myself to the society. I admit before I had inferiority and my self-esteem was very low.Well, thanks to all great people in my life who changed me. They are responsible of my good turn. In connection with that, I agree that sometimes we can have more selves during our social quest. I accept the fact that you can't please everybody. There are chosen ones who make you feel comfortable and you can be with yourself...and they're the genuine type. Moreover, I found truth by recalling my experiences in life, listening to adults and following the good steps of proven facts.In other words, I prefer the tried, tested and true ones.Furthermore,my preferences in life simply tell the people who I am. My choices describe the kind of person I am. My likes and favorites explain who I am in this world.


subagya said...

wow you adventure woman, i like that. nice to know you. Best regards from Jakarta, Indonesia

bobbyboy said...

I like how you explained who you were, but also, don't forget to dream :)

ladyinpurple/jazzie said...

thanks guys for the support (^_^)

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