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Enjoy the award Jazzy, you put a lot of thought into your writing. I can see that clearly! Plus, I can feel that you are a very caring human being, and along with your "Kreativity", it's a great combination :) ~bobbyboy

Thank you grace, hazel and ginger for choosing The Journey as a lovely one.

Somebody has given me a note. He handed me a white plain one and it says:

You're such a good writer.Keep writing.....I enjoy reading your posts Ms Ladyinpurple ~Anonymous

Good job! Very lively blog~Rika

The cutest blog. Is your blog.Ang cute naman ng blog mo! Very nice! -Bradpete 

Good blog, a worthwhile visit for me~Nanami

I love your blog!~Carlos

Interesting so I just linked your blog to my favorite blogroll-English tips

ang lalim ng understanding mo sana magkaroon ako ng gf na kagaya mo~Marc
ur so deep in understanding i wish i could have a gf lyk u-Marc

He  thought I didn't understand it.I'm a Filipino and I fully understood it (^__*)

Very lovely post, God Bless!~jacque

It's nice to know the things about the Philippines especially if you are out of the country, it keeps us updated and I do appreciate the post..... keep it up~anonymous

great blog and posting's, looking good! :) ~Chris Webb

good job sis! pwede na!!!~mimi

nice page.. so pretty~adrianne

nice blog. Keep it up~Aswani

YOu rock!~lazyking

Nice post ^_^.. Our sports hero again demonstrates that with hard work, dedication, perseverance and focus, the Filipino can achieve great success in whatever field he is in. That's what Filipinos are.. MABUHAY!!! ~roosevelt

Yes, we take things like clean drinking water for granite. One of my favorite charities is world vision. I normally donate shares of a drinking well. Thanks for all of your humanitarian efforts. We need more like you in the world.~Ty Bolton

So awesome go PHILIPPINES! go FILIPINO! ~bradpetehoops

From the words you wrote about your Mom, and the tribute in this journal, your Mom is a special lady. I think she has a wonderful smile. The smile of a very warm hearted person.Happy birthday and many more! :) ~bobbyboy

I'm enjoying your posts here. Keep up the good work. Your great. Anyway, i'll let you know na kababayan tayo. Can you add me as one of your friends~Allen's darling

I like how you explained who you were, but also, don't forget to dream :) ~bobbyboy

Thank you for your encouragement. Blessing! ~ Pstr. Marlou Javier

coz u can believe me, I know it ;) ~john Rambo

as usual astig parin blogs mo ~ anciro

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