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The journey is a personal and general blog.It's about my life. I write about the places I've been, new acquaintances, movie reviews and people as well.I write anything under the heat of the sun. I'm true when it comes to opinion writing.

It also features showbiz personalities, important people in the society and those who have remarkable experiences that can teach us.I make posts about local and international stars who are able to influence us in all aspects.

This blog is made to encourage people through the achievements  and excellent deeds of different people. I share the legacies of those who are able to inspire us.Life is sometimes bitter. Through my writings, I want my fellows to stay hopeful and to keep them abreast of the latest happenings around us.

Blogging is my way of expressing how well and badly-made a certain thing is.

I write my opinion. I want to share how I think about things;tangible or intangible. I like it when words entangle with my emotion.

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