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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Revive Your Skin

We always want to have good-looking and radiant skin. One way of doing it is through applying lotions that will moisturize and make our skin brighter. Personally speaking, I use lotion for more than one reason. I choose for products that will not just merely make my skin whiter and fairer but the one that will protect it. Two months ago, I had a bad habit. I'm fond of peeling the first layer of my skin.I myself I wondered why. I just like doing it specially when I'm sitting in this swivel chair and read something online. The bad thing is it got worse more than I expected! I did suffer for a month because it was irritated. It took time to heal it and it took long because it usually gets wet. Of course I have to take a bath everyday! I used 2-3 kinds of product to cure it but nothing happened. Good thing that I heard about Gloves in a Bottle.A friend of mine recommended me her secret (^_^). Using a lotion that will protect my skin entirely helped me get rid of my past condition. It is then important to a apply a trusted hand and body lotion that will surely protect your skin from being damaged. Gloves In a Bottle works as a shielding lotion. In other words, your body will be protected like a pair of gloves! This is indeed perfect for very sensitive skin like mine! On the first month, I noticed a big changed! So when my sister and mom had problems on theirs I shared this product. Both of them were happy with the result. My younger sister can't endure her hands to be soaked in water for a long time so she really needs it.Thanks Miche. With the use of this lotion, the natural moisture of your skin is maintained. It is then protected after every application. In addition, irritants that will take off the protective layer is then blocked!The wonder of this product amazes my family. Unlike any other lotions, Gloves in a Bottle allows your skin to be protected up to 4 hours or more! Furthermore, it doesn't give us artificial moisture so it's long-lasting.

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