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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Cartoon Campaign on Facebook Twist

Yesterday was the last day of  "change your profile picture to cartoon" campaign.It was done to raise awareness on fighting child abuse.I was happy to know that 90% of my friends have joined the online cause.It proves that many of us care for children specially those who are abused.However, several of my friends were asking us to repost something that says paedophiles authored the said campaign!

The issue is on the news.Paedophiles find it easy searching for kids online basing on their cartoon character and nobody claims the account that first posted it.The choice of your favorite cartoon character will help a paedophile know what decade you were born.As we all know, you can't sign up on facebook unless you're eighteen and children fake their birth date just to get through.

The power of social networking sites like facebook can truly build buzz! If we remember, the  breast cancer awareness and  "I like it on the floor" status updates were able to catch people's attention and made us think that there's a common thing on the users' mind in a particular time.


juicekodai said...

i havent received or read that chain message in FB that pedophiles started it.. but i have learned that this trend started in greece..
crazy coz most fb members chose cartoons in the 90s some even chose cartoon character which isnt even from there childhood.. lol

anyway, this trend reminded me of the cartoons i have loved.. :)


zeb said...

hindi ako nag palit ng profile pic. hehehe. in some ways i know i can help them... like uhmmmm PRAYER! :D

ladyinpurple said...

There's nothing wrong in doing it..social networking sites like fb is a great tool if we want to raise awareness.In that case, we could have more people praying for those children.Can we say a prayer if you don't know the issue/situation at all?

@juicekodai->so cute noh? we were reminded of our childhood experiences..un ang trending sa wall ng mga tao for a week..sakin nman..most of my friends posted it and may rumours daw..try to read this: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1336035/Facebook-cartoon-character-campaign-NSPCC-charity-says.html?ITO=1490

juicekodai said...

yeah.. i really looked for a picture of a cartoon character that reminds me of my childhood.. there was sudden nostalgia.. hihi

nakita ko na ang msg sa knowyourmeme.com pero wala talaga ako nabasang ganun sa fb ko..


Sean Grey Hanson said...

A simple way of supporting the awareness. but brings a very positive outcome.

ladyinpurple said...

Very true Sean...I'm a member of an organization that helps children with disabilities and facebook is truly a great help to us in posting events, pictures and comments.

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