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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Aubrey Miles in Survivor

Moi found the buried immunity bracelet.I want Nanay Elma to have it.She could have found it if Moi hadn't dug with her on the same tree.She needs money the most for her family and children.She deserves to stay longer too.Aki is really a good man.I never knew he has a good heart for other people. He's in survivor but he's not showing selfishness unlike Aubrey.She has got more money and want to have 3Million more! I know she's just playing well with the game but by doing so, she made other people in the Philippines hate her.

To some people, they like how Aubrey plays.She does the typical survivor, to do what it takes to save and raise herself.However, Filipinos are more concern about attitude.Survivor Philippines is aired nationwide and Aubrey does not set a good example.The jury receives letters from other castoffs who are not members of the jury and they have common advice.That is to hail the sole celebrity survivor that is deserving and has good characteristics in spite the nature of the game.

Nanay Elma would probably be voted out tomorrow by Aubrey,Solenn and Ervick.


Bino said...

pag si nanay elma ang navote bukas, ayoko nang manood ng survivor. :(

ladyinpurple said...

ok sakin si nanay elma pero sana maging smart sya konti..playing safe is ok at the beginning like what solenn did pero now impt na kc ang alliance..sana marealize nila na solid ang aubrey-ervick alliance then aki,moi and her will vote for 1 person only like si ervick para mabuwag ang strong alliance sa isla..cguro feel ni nanay elma di xa iboboto ni solenn dba kasi ni rate nya ng 4 si nanay Elms tapos 2.5 the rest..her only hope is if aki gives the immunity necklace to her kasi aubrey's alliance is not thinking about voting him off first, nanay elma sila tapos moi then aki

Dhemz said...

how exciting!

ladyinpurple said...

Tonight's tribal council is really exciting! There might be double elimination, then wala ng immunity lahat!Sisipain na nila si nanay elma mamaya :(

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svetlana said...

ohh i hate to see that in the end it's aubrey and ervick.. i don't like them both. but then may kasalanan din naman other cast aways eh. kahit sina moi. mali game plan nila. they always follow aubrey's lead. whoever aubrey says they follow suit. and ervick so girly. he never decides for himself. tama nga sabi nung isang cast away na wala xang back bone. no wonder binasura xa ni marian rivera.. hehehe.. but sad to say mukhang malaki ang chance na sila dalawa ni aubrey matira.

dapat kasi inalis na nila mama elma si aubrey last trival counsel. :(

ladyinpurple said...

I agree.Naging sunod-sunoran kasi sila lahat tapos sisipain din naman sila ni Aubrey isa isa.Parang malaki talaga ang chances nina Aubrick to stay in the end..di ko rin like si Ervick, kumapit lng din naman sya kay Aubrey para di maalis.I never thought na tatagal sya sa isla.Well, that's survivor...lol...

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