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Monday, June 16, 2008

A World Class Filipino Peformer

Lea Salonga showed her incredible performance from London to Broadway. Her concert two weeks ago in PICC "My Life on Stage" was such a wonderful theater show.It was a success! Thanks to ABSCBN for bringing it on Philippine TV.

Lea has several commercials too. Some of her sponsors are Avon, Splash (baby powder and Happy toothpaste) and Bayo. She began her singing career when she was 10.

In addition, she was married to a chinese national, Mr. Chien. She'd done several music records with disney pictures.She sang the song "A Whole New World" in Disney movie-Aladdin.Moreover she played Kim for the original London and Broadway productions of "Miss Saigon". These are her greatest achievements in the field that she had chosen to work with. These were also her most amazing experiences that she had.

The conductor of her concert was his own brother Gerard Salonga, the conductor of Philharmonica. Lea's concert showed her entire life. It was a musical presentation of her life.From her career when he was still a small child, in getting to the top of her dream and was awarded, to getting married and having an angel in their own family in the person of Nichole Salonga Chien. She is a Tony Awardee on its 45th year in giving prestigious awards.

Lea Salonga is indeed a great theater actress! Her passion is on singing and she feels joy in her heart if she sings. That's the reason why she only did 8 movies in Philippine cinema. Two of her movies were with Aga Mulach in "Bakit Labis Kitang Minahal" and "Sana'y Maulit Muli". Actor Aga Mulach was Lea's special guest on her concert. They sang together and it was good. The people applaud for it. Lea sings with her heart. I knew it. She has perfect facial expressions. Furthermore, she looks more beautiful when she starts singing. I love her smile!!!!As a whole, the concert is simple yet filled with love and life. I could feel it.....

I remember when she was interviewed and was asked about the reality tv show in the country. She said if you have your talent then you can be a shining star and not through the latest way of bringing a new star into showbiz. She added that if you believe  you can do great in what you do best, you can make your own name and become a star.

In her 32 years of existence she is happy and shared the secret of her success- " KEEP KNOCKING ON NEW DOORS". Other doors may not give you the best experience but on trying to a new one will definitely surprise you with the great things it can offer that is beyond your expectation. As of now she has no regrets.She excelled in her career, happily married and have a lovely daughter.The people who care and love her around the world is a bonus.

Lea Salonga is a certified World Class Filipino Performer. I'm so proud of you!

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