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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Personality Test - HEALTH

We took a personality test at St.Peter's Rehabilitation. As to my HEALTH, I got a percentile of 90 and a raw score of 13. It's sad to say but the result is POOR. I knew it before that I don't have a healthy body structure. There times that feel so clumsy and lazy to do something. I easily got sick whenever my energy is used up. Before I could go back to work, I must have a good night sleep in order for me to gain my strenght back and work normally. Another thing is I don't eat a lot. I'm chosey when it comes to vegetables. I love fruits though. Other people say that I look pale. When I had a medical check up, the doctor said that I lack iron in my body. I hate to know that my weight is dropping! I'm currently taking food supplements that was prescribed to me during my last check up. I hate to think that I'm this way. However, I though that I was anemic but the truth is I'm not. I asked the doctor about it. She said that I'm not. All I have to is eat and eat and eat but observe balance diet. At this moment, I'm working on how to improve myself physically. I'm planning to enter a school again to get my masters degree and at the same time working. I have to have a pleasant change because our health is more important than our wealth. We can't make use of our wealth if we're not in good condition.


Anonymous said...

xSure you should eat more and sleep more (your eyes say more than your words)

ladyinpurple/jazzie said...

hmmmmm maybe..jejejejejejejeje. They'd been saying that to me

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