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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Junior MasterChef Pinoy Edition

I am amazed of the cooking ability of the kids that are chosen to compete for the reality TV show which is Junior MasterChef Pinoy Edition hosted by Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo.I envy them for what they can do in the kitchen with such young age! I salute an eleven-year old who can prepare delicious food with presentation!

Sixty children around the Philippines with cooking talent have met the three judges namely: Chef Lau, Chef Jayps and Chef Ferns. 

These children are divided into three groups and the first twenty have done their first cooking challenge (heat). They are told to cook any food that are usually found in their hometown during fiesta celebration.They are given an hour to finish their dish.

You'll definitely want to learn cooking if you see these kids on TV. I'm encourage to enhance the things I learn in the kitchen. The top ten kids who can advance to the next round are the following:

  • Ian Johnston (Baguio) - Mediterranean Style Lemon Chicken 
  • Bea Atienza (Davao) - Adobong Tuna Buntot
  • Philip Amarillo (Cebu) - Pork Kaldereta
  • Kyle (Laguna) Pancit Luglog with Malay and Vietnamese Twist
  • Juday (Valenzuela)
  • Franz - Chicken Binakol
  • Luis - 
  • Mikmik - Tinuom na Manok
  • Gilbert Go (Quezon City) - Spicy Sugpo Laing
  • Leslie Conopyo - Tilapya with Coco Milk


jeanun said...

Junior MasterChef Pinoy Edition is a trully indeed reality cooking shows for the kids to show what they've got in Cooking.

They really make me inspired with their cooking skills.

ladyinpurple said...

They inspire aspiring cooks and encourage kids at their age to know more about cooking. They're amazing in the kitchen.

fernando amarillo said...

i just want to make corrections on your top 10 lists. specifically that of philip amarelio. it is philip amarillo. just to make your info accurate nothing else. thanks

Anonymous said...

i would like to correct the name of philip amareleo as it appeared here to philip amarillo. just to make your info more accurate and nothing else. peace and thanks

ladyinpurple said...

Changes has been made. Thanks for the help. I accept corrections and I appreciate it (^__^)

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