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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sophia Marie's Birthday

My niece Sophia Marie celebrated her first birthday two days ago. Her mom baked a cake for her. Thank heavens that she had lived this far without being sick. Perhaps she had colds and cough but it's not that worst. See the pictures below? That's her dad's family tradition! When a baby turned one, he/she's allowed to touch and eat the cake all by herself. Her older sister Lexie had done the same when she turned one last year. We witnessed how Lexi enjoyed the cake so much!jajajajajajajaja. We had two cakes then. One for the visitors and one for the celebrant!A baby would like to touch a smooth, colorful and sweet creation for her! Ate Jackie sent us the pictures below.
I like this one.How lovely!
Is it slimy??jejeje
Hmmm how does it feel Sophie?Satisfied?

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