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Monday, June 09, 2008

Olympic Kids

Filipino kids are now ready to face the competition in this year's Olympics. The said 2008 Olympics will happen in Beijing,China. These kids will compete in the sports like swimming, chess and ice skating. In swimming, the diving kids will have to dive into the water with the height of 10 meters. The team is compose of 6-10 years old. According to psychologists, its good to train a person in sports when he's still young. Normally, beginners specially the children are hesitant at first but they will get used to it. So parents are told to give encouragements all and the time. However, if they see that a child is having a great difficulty, its the job of the parents to allow them to stop. In chess, a child name Samantha Glo Revita is known to be a chess wizard when she was in Kindergarten. She can win a game played against an adult player. She won several times already. In fact, she was awarded as the champion in chess competition last 2007 in Manila.In addition a kid skater who's joining in the upcoming Olympics had collected 16 gold medals, 4 silvers and 1 bronze. There are also kids who are active in sports even if they're not joining in Beijing Olympics. Like for instance, the kid surfers. Some of them had won in Grommet Competition catering 30 surfers. Play, explore and win are chances given to a child. The desirable attitude that we can see in these children is " Learning how to stand when you fall."

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