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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Big Night at the Big Dome of PBB Teen Edition Plus

The moment had come. The final judgment was made. The Filipino people had made their choice on who's gonna be the next PBB ( Pinoy Big Brother) Teen Edition Plus Ultimate House mate. Few minutes ago the decision had made the countrymen happy and satisfied with the result. The final or awarding of the said reality Tv show was held at Araneta Coliseum. The concept of this year's season was galactic. A production number was given to the viewers. It was composed of Kim and the 3 1st runner ups of the previous competition namely; Gerald,John Prats and Mickey. As we could remember Kim Chiu was the first Big Winner for Teen Edition. Her and the rest of the "My Girl"casts were there too. In addition, Kim is now a leading lady in a teleserye. As of now, she's enjoying the offers that she received. She's also a product endorser of today. Who would think that a normal person in a society would turn out to be a star!
Below is the list of Big 4 and their text votes percentage:
  1. Ejay Falcon - 36.31% PBB Teen Edition Plus Big Winner
  2. Robi Domingo- 34.39% PBB Teen Edition Plus 2nd Placer
  3. Nicole- 18.39% PBB Teen Edition Plus 3rd Placer
  4. Beaty- 10.91% PBB Teen Edition Plus 4th Placer
The Big Winner Ejay is from Oriental Mindoro His father Mang Erning had also won as the Guardian's Big Winner. Teen edition plus of PBB had included an exclusive stay of house mates' parents. They also have their tasks and eviction and Ejay's dad won the race. Good for both of them. Robi is an Atenista coming from Quezon City. Nicole Uysuiseng from Cebu is a kind of lady who finally got out of her shell! The last but not the least is Beauty Gonzales who's from Dumaguete City is a rich kid who had made some changes in herself. Ejay Falcon can now be in lined with PBB's previous Big Winner like Nene, Ruben, Beatriz, Kim and Keanna. Opportunities awaits him. Ejay deserves to win. He's about to start a new way of life. Good luck to him and everybody's hoping that he'll remains the same as how people see him while inside Big Brother's house. Or else, he can loose whatever he has right now. The fans and the showbiz administration put him to the pedestal. I don't want him to undergo the same situation as what happened to Hero Angeles.

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