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Sunday, July 20, 2008

PDA's Gala, Explusion and Probation Night

Sensuality was taught to the PDA scholars. Dream mentor Joey Reyes did an activity for them to raise their emotions. In singing, mentor Joey emphasized the use of emotions while performing on stage. The scholars were taught this week on how to sing a certain song with the right emotions. It's very awkward to have a performance with improper body movements and facial expressions, right? Tonight, 12 scholars showed what they had learned this week about sensuous singing. All of them performed but I guess not all were able to show their best tonight. The visitor juror of the week is the singer and ultimate performer Vina Morales. Apple did catch my attention. For me, she's the star of the week. Her performance was great. It suits her. She doesn't look like a trying hard performer at that moment. The choice of song and the way she delivered it were far better compared to her fellow scholars.Hmmm I'm expecting more on Liezel and Bugoy's numbers but Apple stood tall among them all. Before the night show ended, the scholars performed the song which was composed by Academy Head Master Ryan Cayabyab. It's entitled Another Goodbye Song. It's my first time to hear the whole part of the song. Last week the probationary scholars are Miguel and Bea. The people decided to vote for Miguel. Miguel has the chance to stay and prove himself to people because Bea was the expelled scholar.Moreover, he's still in the row who will compete for the prizes at stake and has the chance to become a performer and new- born star in showbiz. Eleven (11) remaining scholars will continue their learning inside the academy. This week's bottom four are Bunny, Christian, IƱaki, and Miguel. The last mentioned scholar was the one who was saved by the dream mentors. Tomorrow we'll know who'll be saved by the scholars and the 2 probationaries.

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