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Monday, March 14, 2011

True Beauty

Most people would do all they can to look the most gorgeous person.They spend so much money, time and effort to have that perfect body and face. Three weeks ago I came across an American reality TV show that features ten good-looking men and beautiful women. Their beauty is ranked and they have different challenges to undergo.

Unknowingly, there's more in the competition that meets the eye. There are hidden cameras around them. Their attitude is being watched.Although they are aware that certain basis is used in a certain beauty task, they have no idea about the secret task that they have to pass!

I love watching this kind of TV program because I speak for the shows's message.I do believe that beauty is inside out but true beauty come from within. Three people have been eliminated and the journey is still on. The winner will be featured in a popular magazine on their 100 Most Beautiful People issue. 


Margaret Duarte said...

I don't watch much TV, but I wholeheartedly agree, true beauty comes from within. The most beautiful people I know, have wrinkles and graying hair and carry a little weight around the middle. Then there are the children, who are beautiful just as God created them. And now we're reminded of the beauty of the individuals who are helping out the people in Japan, and the Japanese themselves who are not looting or rioting, but bearing their painful loses with faith and dignity. Oh yes, true beauty goes way beyond outward appearance.

ladyinpurple said...

I agree Margaret...I'm more on seeing your heart and personality than your looks.

Japan is humble to ask for help in the world.It's a highly industrialized country yet you feel their humbleness. They're not arrogant at this very moment when they need much assistance.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts Marga. I appreciate it.

Pinx said...

hi jazzie... i watch this show too... obviously, the contestants are so drowned in their beauty and vanity. and even if there are hidden cameras and secret tasks, still, it doesn't change them overnight to achieve true beauty. honestly, the contestants are a pity... visiting you here!

ladyinpurple said...

yeah.. they're blinded with the true basis of the competition..Chelsea is finally out yesterday..thanks pinx

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