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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

PDA Little Dreamers 2nd Gala Performance and Expulsion Night

I didn't witnessed the PDA Little Dreamers 1st Gala Performance Night but I was able to witness their 2nd battle in singing! The 12 kid dreamers performed the songs of " Smokey Mountain". A singing group built by Maestro Ryan Cayabyab. The group's creation was made possible with the help of an American businessman who came here in the Philippines and saw country's situation. The resident jurors Jimmy Antiporda and Jeffrey Hidalgo gave their critics to each performer with the Soul Siren Nina, the visitor juror of the week. Last week's outstanding star dreamer was Angelo. After the performances, an announcement for the top 2 scholars who got the highest grade was made. It was Philip and Angelo. The latter was again declared to be the outstanding star dreamer. It's Angelo's 2nd time to be the best among the rest! Last week's probationary scholars are Shane and Kelly. Scholars who are in a probationary status are the little dreamers who didn't get good grade/star. If they received a card marked with N.I which is Needs Improvement, then they are at risk. Kelly got a total percentage of 53.96% of total votes while Shane got 46.04%. So, the expelled scholar was Shane.

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