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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Barack Obama

Today the 44th President of the United States is finally revealed in the person of Pres. The first African-American chief of the state! The result that was announced earlier this afternoon is truly a means of change! Will his winning against McCain would mean a total ban of racial discrimination?

As what many are saying, his victory was a big leap in the march toward equality. Today marks the official acknowledgment that Obama will take the highest position from foregoing President George W. Bush. He’ll be sworn as the current president next year by January.

Minutes before the closing of polls, TV networks and related press call Obama as the president. They knew that he’s the one! The one who’s chosen to make a big difference in the history of America.

There’s one statement that I can’t forget from the newly-elected president- that whoever you are, wherever you come from, no matter what your skin color is if you’re in the territory of United States all will be united to achieve progress and sustainable development. That statement is very touching for people like us. I’m not an American citizen and that provokes more opportunities and equality.

Though he didn’t get the majority of votes from white people, overall he won large majorities of women, black and Latino voters.

I can see that Obama is a great debater. I didn’t hear all his debates with his running mate John McCain but I read a lot about it through the news articles.

Obama got the hearts of people in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Virginia, New Hampshire, Iowa and New Mexico. He got a total of  336 electoral college votes while McCain got 168.

Americans also voted on Tuesday to choose 435 members of the House of Representatives, who serve for two years, and about one-third of the 100 Senators (35) to serve a six-year term.

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