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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

America Decides! The 2008 USA Presidential Election

I read a lot of blog posts that discussed the Presidential Election in the United States.I also answered surveys about the hottest issue as of this moment in America. I’m not an American citizen but I do care on who’s going to be the next USA President. Will it be Obama or McCain?

Presidential candidates Barrack Obama and John McCain have different platforms, programs and plans if they will get the position. Some of us are very excited to know on who will lead after USA Pres George Bush. We had witnessed the President’s actions, activities and programs for his people and for nearby countries as well. Results in polls and surveys were revealed. And it’s obvious that majority of people are in favor or Barrack Obama, an African-American citizen who live, educate himself and grew up in the states. If Obama will make it then he’ll be legendary. He’ll be the first African-American who will become the father of the most powerful country in the world!I read news articles and forums which show that Obama has high probability to win! Well, voting is still on going. We will find out soon on whose charm has got the votes of the majority.

The 50 states of America are now under pressure. Their decision today will make a big difference! We heard about the financial crisis that the country is undergoing. We will see then if the next President will make it up. An advance voting happened but the final and official voting is at hand!

There are many Filipinos who are qualified to vote. In PhilAm society they don’t have the same heartbeat. Each of them has a candidate to endorse. According to Tina Junsay-Spicer, a news anchor of Davao City, 67% of Filipinos living in California will make a choice today. The poll from SWS says that 1 out of 3 Filipinos is in favor of Obama!

Personally speaking whoever will win matters to us. I am a Filipino and I know that the relationship of Philippines and USA will be greatly affected on who’s gonna be the next chief of state. If that person has a little heart for us their extended help in Education, Health Care, Employment, Peace and Order etc might be affected. History taught us that Americans had helped the Filipinos since before. Until now I know that they still do it. I’m not shy to tell because it’s a fact that we rely on them. We are dependent on them in some areas and we salute them. Hopefully I’m wrong with what I’m thinking right now. I am hoping that the good relationship between ours and them will continue to flourish.

Critics say that whoever will win will have no great impact. I beg to disagree to the person who said that statement. Perhaps I might be wrong but I can sense that it’ll affect the country’s development. So with other countries.

Tonight at exactly 8pm in US time, the counting of votes will start and the running mate of the proclaimed and newly-elected president will be automatically recognized as his vice. Who do you think will win the race?

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