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Friday, October 31, 2008

Giving and Getting Feedback

“Constructive Criticism is when I criticize you. Destructive when you criticize me.”
Didn’t you notice that most of the time we are right when we are the ones who judge people? Unknowingly we see criticisms of people towards us destructive when it’s them correcting us. We find it below the belt or unacceptable because people notice our mistakes. We don’t realize that what people see in us is true and you have to change it because they find it undesirable and destructive to your life as a whole. When you accept criticisms, reflect on it and evaluate yourself so that negative feedback can turn into a good one. On the other hand, if you find it offending then you’ll definitely find it non-constructive.

My mom always refreshes our thoughts by talking to us if we have the chance. All of us are busy with our own careers but she always finds time for counseling. We were used to it. Every time she sees that we’re not on the right track she’ll definitely talk to you for a very long time. We’re expecting it especially when we did something wrong and she caught us. My mom tells us to check our hearts and desires in life. Furthermore she keeps on telling us that we should take people’s negative feedback as a challenge- that is to prove them wrong.

In order to live normally we should learn how to deal with negative comments and feedback Or else? You'll go crazy if you want to follow what everybody is telling you to do. We can't please everybody so take your stand and stick with it.

If you're a blogger, how do you manage negative or striking comments on your posts?

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bobbyboy said...

Hi Jazzie!

I just wrote something similar in my blog, but you did a much better job here :)

A long time ago, I learned to realize that I shouldn't look at criticism as a bad thing, but something that, if true, can help me to identify and change myself in a positive way. It still isn't easy, but reminding myself that it's a good thing for me helps.

I think your Mom is a wise, caring woman :)

ladyinpurple/jazzie said...

oh yeah I read it Bob...pls don't think that I did much better than you..pls don't..

and ya my mom is a smart and caring woman, without her guidance we wouldn't be raised this way..she's such a treasure to her children

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