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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Men are like dogs?

I read an article stating that men sometimes are acting like dogs!Why? because they're always looking for something which is missing that is impossible to come or to happen. They're like dogs chasing its tail. According to the author, men are always after the things that are passing. It's like they're very busy working in their search of temporal things here on earth.Moreover, they're always in a hurry doing the things in which they think can make then happy- woman, sex, money and career. But the truth is? It's not everlasting.The tendency now is they became fast and furious in search again of the missing piece in their lives. If you're a guy reading this, do you think the author is right?And for girls out there, when do you think that men behave like dogs? Read more Men Like Dogs Men Act Like Dogs to Determine Dominance

1 comment:

bobbyboy said...

You know, there's a woman that teaches woman how to train their men based from her dog training. She says it's the same thing?

She is on youtube somewhere that I saw.

I guess we can all act like dogs at different times.

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