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Monday, July 05, 2010

Overflowing Blessings

Man can't fathom the great and marvelous things that our Heavenly  Father can give us.Though at times we feel like being ignored and forsaken I'm certain that He never left us.It is us people who let go of Him.At the saddest and hardest pages of my life He was my savior,my refuge,my comforter and my friend.Perhaps there are people who can't see my point but there's one thing that I want to remind you: Material possessions can make us happy but true happiness isn't in things..it's in us.We find peace and  serenity in ourselves if we start offering our lives to Him-the alpha and omega.It  may be difficult to understand but I hope that you'll soon experience the blissful and secure feeling of being laid in His arms.

For more than twenty years I've come to realize how my Creator guide and protect my family and I. We are currently not staying in one roof and one country but I know that He's keeping us under His mighty wings.I thank the Lord for the blessings that He has showered upon us.

I am thankful for the education that we attain, for who we are at the moment, for the kind of family that we belong,for the people that shaped our spiritual life and for the  unique gifts that only a few people have.We are not that famous  or popular but in the eyes of GodI know we are special. Since we were kids, people have known us  to be  exceptional  ones.The opportunities that we have made us feel that we are looked after,guided and blessed.

I'm happier to know about the current situation of our older sister.God bless her family more.Furthermore, I give thanks for the negative things and horrible people that came to my life.They made me draw myself nearer to God.They've made me become a fighter all the time.

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