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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Den @ British School

The nature of my brother-in-law's job allows his family to move from place to place.Sometimes my sister prefers to spend a few months in the country.Now, that they're currently staying in Mildenhall,England my niece is now enrolled in a British school.


The school year has just begun and Denise is happy to meet her new teacher.When they arrived in Britain a teacher suggested to my sister to send her daughter as early as possible though the school year is about to end.The purpose of doing so is to give my niece early exposure to the new environment she's joining.That's to help my niece to be familiar with her fellow learners and recognize some teachers as well.

Denise is going at St. Mary's.It's a Christian school which is located near their household.Being in that learning institution reassures the parents that their children are not only filled with academic excellence but molded with proper teachings when it comes to spiritual life.


Since she's with the British kids she needs to practice and work on her speaking skills.We don't worry much about it though.After all people tend to adapt to its environment.Though she needs adjustments, I know she can do it!


My first niece (on the left of the above photo) is a smart and pretty little girl just like her mom.My mom is happy to know that she likes her new home,her new school and new friends.I feel good about her current situation.In their videos we learned that she wants to stay in England and just pay a visit in the Philippines.They keep sending us photos and videos so we are updated with their activities though we're miles away.I'm certain that she finds happiness that she's together with her own family.

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