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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Spirit Photos

The spooky month of November is about to come. Horror reports were delivered. Goosebumps stories were told. Signs were seen by sensitive ones. People who claimed to have used and opened their third eye start to scare us. Do you believe that unsettled spirits can relay their messages through the photos that we had taken are possible?

Some people say it is. But according to photographers like Ben Chan, it’s impossible because we can make tricks with our photos. With the presence of photo editors we can make a lot of changes and special effects like applying double exposure with our pictures. They firmly believe that these spirit photos are fake. People love to invent stories to earn money. Since we remember All Saints and All Souls Day their trivia seems genuine to us. On the contrary, spirit questors say that during this month the wall that separates the world of living and that of the dead is very weak Hence, allowing these unstable spirits to linger with us and relay their messages while they have the chance.

photo taken by my sister&cousins when they visited Baguio
In the Philippines, the white house in Baguio is believe to have scary stories and some of them are untold.It's considered a horror house for many people.
What do you think about this thing? Do you believe in ghost stories?


Cmte. Valter said...

Dear friend, my blog has translator on top on the right side, click in the flags, in English, Spanish, French, German, thank you for your visit, good Sunday with happiness and peace. Hugs Valter.

ladyinpurple said...

oh yeah? I didn't notice it.I'll try it in my next visit to your blog Valter (^__^)

thomas said...

There are definitely ghosts and spirits around us,the only thing is that we normally can't see it,

ladyinpurple said...

unless what? unless we start crossing their world?that's frightening!!!

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