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Friday, October 29, 2010

Aira's Journey Ends

Aira is voted out in Survivor Philippines.She's the second member of the jury.She's going to stay at the jury house with Jon Hall.She looked surprised and felt betrayed.If we remember they made a new alliance in Koh Payam resort and agreed to get rid of the men first.She didn't expect the result of the votes.Well, Aubrey's alliance is just stronger than their newly-made one.

Last week when Jon was out I felt sad because he plays well but he didn't have a strong alliance.Now,I'm happy because Michelle is staying! I wanted her to win the immunity bracelet and I felt pity on her when she cried after the challenge.Getting it is her only way to save herself.Moi was lucky to win the game.

Perhaps Galone has realized that there's a possibility of making new alliance.For the rest of them to win, they have to get rid of the guys first so that Aubrey won't have puppets and break their strong alliance.Then they can kick off one by one who stands their way to get the 3Million pesos reward.


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