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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Constructive and Destructive Criticisms

The word criticism is defined by merriam-webster.com as a critical observation or remark. It's an act of criticizing usually unfavorably. Majority of people are seeking for the negative things that they can see and tell rather than giving encouragements to help. Yes they're helping. Helping people to get into their sudden downfall. Crab mentally is not taken in us. That undesirable thinking and attitude still lingers in us and continues to destroy people's relationships. It's good to be honest with our evaluations or judgments. However we have to observe proper etiquette. We hear and receive good and bad critics but we can feel also who among those commenters are true with their words.

Constructive criticism means giving critique to further develop someone or someone's activity. The benefits are always counted and not throwing discouragements. In addition it is a genuine approach to achieve improvements .People who give these kind of comments are not really imposing things to do but only suggesting the good things in which they see are the best and right ones. However, the good intent turned out to be bad because some people are not open-minded. Thus, making the criticism useless and sometimes the cause why people hate themselves more. Knowing how to give constructive criticism will reduce conflicts and develop a friendlier environment.

On the contrary, destructive criticisms make people's life more uncomfortable because it contributes to people's incompetence. More likely, they feel more defective with what people are saying about them and about their actions. Instead of helping and developing what they're doing is thrusting. People who give these kinds of comments are simply judging the people without prior consideration in some contributing aspects. In addition, its attempt is not to enhance but intended. As we observed, we feel belittled and humiliated when we got unacceptable criticisms, right? Now, if we feel that way we should put our feet into other people's shoes. Since we know and feel that it's not good, then we have to be careful with ours towards other people. Know the tip of handling destructive criticisms.Dealing with criticism is definitely an important thing..

Right approach plays an important role in giving criticism. If you're unsure better to shut up your mouth! Showing empathy to people regardless of personal differences and taste in life will make people love and value themselves. It's indeed true that it's uneasy to stay away from backstabbers and bitch ones Believers and church goers are often criticize with the path in life that they had chosen. Children and learners are the most sensitive when it comes to giving corrections. I myself I accept the fact that sometimes people's criticisms on me make me feel unworthy and nobody. I'm giving my endless thanksgiving to people who raise me up during the darkest days of my life.

The best thing to do is accept criticism, reflect on it and start making a change. Slowly and step by step. If you give one, be true and constructive at all times if possible.

"Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people."-Eleanor Roosevelt

What about you? Are you honest with your judgments to people or you're hiding or guarding something inside?


bobbyboy said...

I always try to use "constructive advice" as I like to call it. If I can not be helpful, then I don't say much at all.

It's so easy for people to drag each other down, usually from envy or jealousy, it takes real character to be constructive.

Also, I usually only give advice when asked to, and then I find the positive ways of saying or giving that advice :)

Nice topic!

ladyinpurple/jazzie said...

absolutely..thanks Bob for your comment

Dan Mihaliak said...

I agree with Bob ib just about every point especially about the envy and jealousy

Admin said...

positive thinking will help us to accept a criticism even constructive and destructive. Everything depend on your view of your mind (mindset). Be a positive thinker and you will get everything wonderful.
Coffee Maker

ladyinpurple/jazzie said...

Admin got a point...Thanks for coming over

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