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Friday, November 19, 2010

The Known Witch of Wall Street

Have you heard about the richest yet the stingiest woman in the world? If not, you need to read  this post because this is really interesting.

Her name is Hetty Green. A lucky girl who was born in Massachusetts and inherited the wealth of his millionaire father. At the age of 21, her business-minded father died and she started to invest her money in Wall Street, New York. She was called as the “Witch of Wall Street” because she always wear her long,ragged and black clothes in spite of her richness! That make her look like a witch! Her attitude, character and choices in life made people think that she really stinks!

We normally see prominent and rich people riding in their limo and expensive cars, live in a huge and comfortable house, have chambermaids, travel to luxurious tourist destinations, eat in fancy restaurants, shop clothes with signatures and uses products with top quality. In Hetty Green’s case, here are the unforgettable things that she did which are unbelievable! I myself, I was surprised!
  1. Eat in cheapest restaurants.
  2. Buy broken cookies.
  3. Collect free bones for her dog.
  4. Don’t buy clothes for herself.
  5. Always argue with stores’ prices.
The worst and unacceptable thing that she did was she didn’t sent her ailing son to the hospital! What she did was, she spent long hours in looking for free medical help! In doing so, her son’s leg was amputated. It’s too late because doctors have to cut it. Can you believe it!?

Usually rich people get the most intelligent doctors in practice and make use of the expensive and advance hospital facilities especially when the members of the family are sick. Furthermore, they have greater chances of getting well since they can afford to cure themselves if the case is curable.

In 1916, Hetty Green died and left $100Million. Now its cost is $9.3 Billion. Her daughter Sylvia didn’t follow her mother’s steps. Instead, she use the money to build a hospital using that money. She was unhappy with what happened to her brother.

When we die, our possessions and wealth can’t be with us. It’s best then to share it to help the needy and enjoy our life without leaving your own hands empty.

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Mayet said...

I've read this book a long time ago and somehow made an impact on me. She was really something!

ladyinpurple said...

She is..I've read a book about her 3 years ago.I want to let other people know about her so I made a post.

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