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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nanay Elma is Out of the House

The remaining castaways made Nanay Elma believe that she would stay longer.Perhaps she hoped that her fellow castaways would retain her.Nanay Elma,however, is not smart enough to do more effort. She should have talked sincerely to Moi and Aki so that they would agree to vote Ervick or Solenn out since Aki doesn't like the latter much.I think, she's confident because she always hears them say that she's going to be on top 3.Nanay Elma is officially out of the game and the fifth member of the jury.

In survivor, being strong is a good asset but being witty is the best way along with your alliances.Moi, Solenn and Aubrey are not physically strong.They made it to top 5 though.They have used their brain and that saved them to make it this far.

Tomorrow the last immunity challenge will be played with a car as the reward challenge.The men, Ervick and Aki have higher chances of winning the said challenge compared to the women.


Bino said...

at dahil diyan di na ko manonood ng survivor. sabi ng marami si moi daw ang nanalo

ladyinpurple said...

oo nga, ayon sa sabi sabi, si Moi raw ung nanalo...kasi hindi naman pipiliin ng jury sina Audrick dba? khit sila pa ung matira..pero di pa nman yan sigurado..malalaman lng din natin yan sa tamang panahon

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