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Monday, November 22, 2010

Moi - The Last Castoff

Tonight I have seen the most interesting tribal council in Survivor Philippines! Akihiro was surprised that he's staying.So was I. I didn't think it's going to be Moi!On the contrary, if there's Top 3, then Aki will be voted out too and that's for sure!His honesty and revelations would definitely help the jury in choosing the most deserving castaway to be hailed as the sole survivor in this season.

The rumored Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown winner Moi is the last castoff and the sixth member of the jury.

The makers of Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown gives justice by making it final four instead of three or two. I'm certain a lot of Filipino viewers will definitely hate that show if Aubrey and Ervic make it to final two.These two castaways keep on saying that they're in the game and they're playing it. They keep on telling their fellow castaways not to keep it personal but look at Ervic's reaction to their latest tribal council. He's personally taking it unknowingly.

Survivor Philippines is a reality TV show.Yes, it's only a game but through this game people are able to see some part of who you are in real life.If I were part of the jury, I wouldn't choose Audric.I'd go for Akihiro-the castaway who said he would play by heart over mind.You don't have to tell a lie and  fool others to get what you want.Good overcomes evil.Being true and giving your best can make you on top and get the reward.


Bino said...

that's definitely a b*llsh*t. they don't deserve to be in the final four

ladyinpurple said...

Let's say we give credit for doing good strategies, they somehow deserve to be included in top 4.They've done whatever they can to stay in the game.They've got smart ways to keep themselves safe BUT they don't deserve the "sole survivor" title as a whole.This is not just about choosing the best player....as Filipinos, we also look for the character.

Abu Luqman said...

lady in purple nice to say helo to u 2 day......from Penang..Malaysia

Hazel said...

you have been faithfully following Survivor Philippines. i used to watch the original Survivor, oh, i have actually followed the first Survivor, one of the best reality shows there is.

Pink Memoirs

ladyinpurple said...

I haven't seen the first one.I got interested in this season because the castaways are celebrities.
Hi Abu Luqman..thanks for visiting

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