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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Final Days of Survivor Philippines in Thailand

Tomorrow's tribal council is going to be an exciting one!It'll probably blow the mind of the viewers! It's time for the jury to speak up and ask questions to final four.I want to see how they are  going to defend themselves.Among the guy castaways, I notice Ervic cries easily.The final tribal council is going to be a battle of emotions and he'd probably cry more!

Aubrey,Ervic,Solenn and Akihiro should get ready because castoffs' intense emotion will burst  tomorrow! Jon,Aira and Michelle are dying for this moment to come.They'd been silent for weeks and now the right is given to them.

May the jury make a good decision and choose for the deserving sole celebrity survivor.


Bino said...

aubrey should not be there. amf!

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ladyinpurple said...

I think Aubrey has truly played the game since day 1 unlike other castaways, they wanted to enjoy first then they began to play seriously.

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