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Thursday, June 02, 2011

10 Signs that your Partner is Leaving

Here's a brief list to know if your boyfriend or girlfriend falls out of love and gets tired of staying with you. A person has plans of leaving the relationship if he/she:
  1. stops calling or texting you regularly
  2. keeps breaking rules
  3. is no longer interested in listening to you
  4. stops kissing and hugging you
  5. spends more time with his buddies
  6. closes topics about relationship
  7. rushes when on the phone
  8. flirts with others in front of you
  9. hangs with friends more often
  10. notices others in the opposite sex
Source: NewsTV's ang Pinaka hosted by Rovilson Fernandez

1 comment:

The Social Web Analyst said...

Well, I would just come right out and tell her that it's just not working out anymore, and we should break up to find happiness somewhere else. But that's just me. Nice post! Thank you for sharing this. (^_^)

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