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Monday, November 08, 2010

Online Funeral Wake

Advances in Science and Technology nowadays ease our daily activities.Everyday, we  do things with technological products in cooking, washing our clothes, sleeping, studying, traveling, working and much more. Big or small we recognize these things as our reliable partner that give us comfort.

High-tech is also applied in viewing the remains of dead people. There's a site that I heard on TV that will provide all the things that you need during funeral wake. Even if a family member is in abroad and he can't come home to see his dead relative, he can participate on the web.By seeing through the web cam, a family member who is away home can see who among his relatives came to mourn with them. It's now termed as "online burol" in the Philippines. Online Burol is a modern way of viewing the remains of dead people with the aid of technology.

In online burol, you can view your love ones who passed away through the internet. For every chapel, there's a web cam installed.Audio-visual presentation is also offered to the family of the deceased plus the condolence message center. Tributes and condolences will be encoded and data will be saved.Moreover, it's very convenient to apply for this kind of service because there's an individual kitchen, living room, bedroom and comfort room for every chapel you get.Furthermore modern, expensive and world-class coffins are offered for prominent people in the society. All of these things are covered under a Life Plan.They will take care of everything that you need like documentation of funeral wake and funeral vigil.


Multibrand said...

It good to know about the used of the internet for viewing the remains of the death.

zeb said...

iba na talga panahon now... dati mga instant food lang, ngayun instant lamay na din. astig! :D

ladyinpurple said...

oo nga..talagang astig! Last year ko ata to unang narinig..applicable xa sa atin mga pinoy kasi marami taung relatives abroad, dba?
@multibrand-> yeah, it's really a big help to families that are closely tied

Yannie said...

hehehe... grabe ka hi-tech... technology is a big help talaga

ladyinpurple said...

It is Yannie..it makes things easier and faster for us

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