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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Survivor Philippines Season 3 Live in Manila

The Finale of Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown will be on December 03,2010 in Manila. The jury voted for the seventh member of the group but the result will be revealed in the Philippines.After the result, they have to vote again to choose for the most deserving sole celebrity survivor for this season. Their excitement hangs in the air! 

I observed Ervic is the most hated one by the jury among the final four. Bitter questions were asked for him to answer.As expected he cried again.The host, Richard Gutierrez  seems so interested while listening to each of them.It's good for the jury to have the chance to pour their emotions. It's better to leave all those bad feelings they have in the island before going back to their real world.

Jon had the worst verbal attack! You could feel his anger!Aubrey,Ervic and Aki had a hard time answering him back except Solenn.Jon almost didn't give them a chance to speak.That was mean but Jon savored that moment to express his heartache.


Bino said...

nice one on aubrey. hehehe

ladyinpurple said...

jajajaja nagliliyab talaga si Jon kagabi! imagine nakeri nyang sabihin na pet ni Aubrey si Ervic at nagtatago sa saya nito! kakaloka!pero si Ervic ung ginisa nang todo!lol

zeb said...

GO ERVIC and AUBREY.... jaz sinong bet mo?

ladyinpurple said...

kung who played well, si aubrey un..she was smart enough to get this far..may game plan din si ervick..pero di ko gusto mga pinakita nila sa island eh, kay solenn naman, nag-aalangan ako..over-all si aki ang gusto ko na manalo sa kanila

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