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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Davao City Suffers Flood

The worst disaster in Davao City this year happened yesterday and early this morning. The strong rain last night  caused flood that killed 17 people and 15 are missing mostly children. It was confirmed that Pangi River overflowed that affect the residents living in Maa,Matina and Bangkal.There was no flood warning and it shocked everyone. We are caught unaware that it can also happen to us.

I was sleeping soundlessly without knowing that some Dabawenyos were struggling for their survival. I normally hear news like this in Manila so it surprises me. We don't worry every time it rains but I guess now is the time to be vigilant.
The flood only concludes that more trees are cut. People are being irresponsible in throwing away their waste. When will we learn? If the entire city is wiped out? This is the result of our actions Dabawenyos.

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