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Monday, June 27, 2011

Emar's Wavepool

I was bound to Samal island two weeks ago to meet a friend who's leaving the Philippines but I decided to go  to Emar's Hotel, Restaurant and Beach Resort instead where they have a wave pool that kids will surely love to visit. The pool was publicly opened last year but the hotel has been there for ten year already.

This was my first time to visit the resort. It's located in Times Beach. The food we ordered was delicious. The place is fine. You can go for a walk by the railing facing the open sea and see the sunset.My nieces love to be there. They had fun in the water and enjoy the slides. The pirate ship in the center of the pool and the frog slide make the pool look attractive. It's inviting for little children to see those when they get there.
The bathroom is clean. The area has wifi connection so I was able to check my email and facebook account as well.Furthermore, I'm satisfied with the performance of their service crews. The negative thing I see when we were there is all of you can't go swimming because there should be somebody left in the cottage to look after your belongings. Unless you get a room then there'd be no problem.If they ask my opinion, I'd suggest to make a small locker under the wide table where customers can put their valuable things aso that they can fully enjoy the outing experience at Emar's Wavepool.

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