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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Starbucks to Become Smoke-Free

Effectively on June 27 the popular and favorite coffee shop of Filipinos which is Starbucks will officially become a non-smoking establishment. It is a nationwide campaign of the local operators of Starbucks in the Philippines to convert smoking areas of the store to non-smoking. This is in compliance with the new smoking ordinance.

It seems to me that this is such a good move for Starbucks.It invites more people who don't smoke to patronize their products.I feel their concern for non-smoking customers. I admire their willingness to do this change that promotes better life and for abiding the rule in making public places  in the country 100% smoke-free. Isn't it a good idea!?

However, some threaten to give their loyalty to other coffee shops. It might cause a sudden drop of sales but I feel Starbucks can cope with it. Whether you smoke or not if you can't resist the store's product, you'll definitely keep coming back. Well, if you do smoke you have an option to take your order with you where you are free to smoke.


Azlan Hasan said...

alamak..da xle minum kat starbuck laa pas nie..hehehe..anyway its a good campaign..hehe


Tim said...

which means a comfortable couch inside or will never hang-out anymore... my friends smoke a lot :(

ladyinpurple said...

Definitely a disadvantage for your friends Tim.

Thank you Azlan for coming back.

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