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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Philippine Azkals vs Kuwait Al-Azraq (1-5)

The crowd at the Rizal Memorial Football Stadium is shaken and overwhelmed with so much joy when Stephan Schrock scored the first goal for the Philippines in the 45'.Angel Locsin is caught cheering with the  pinoys along with Dimple Romana.The hope for 2014 FIFA World Cup is alive until the match ends with an aggregate score of 5-1.The goal keeper of both teams are challenged because they gave us an entertaining and action game!Celebrities like Piolo Pascual, Michael de Mesa, Jon Avila, Jericho Rosales and some politicians were seen in the event.

Play updates:

  • Chieffy Caligdong has free kick in the 8'
  • A yellow card is given to Angel Guirado in the 14'
  • Angel Guirado has good attempt in the 22' but was successfully defended
  • Schrock gets a yellow card in the 24'
  • Unsuccessful goal attempt by Kuwait when it hit the post in the 33'
  • Philippines is trying more attempts in the 38-39'
  • Kuwait attacks but Nel Etheridge was good enough to throw the ball away in 44'
  • Great Ibrahim gets a yellow card in 59'
  • Goal by Youssaf Naser in the 60'
  • Free kick for Kuwait in the 66'
  • Yellow card for Anton del Rosario in the 71'
  • Starts to drizzle in the 74'
  • Penalty kick for Kuwait in 76'
  • Guirado's out in the field in the 79'
  • Another unsucceful attempt by Kuwait in the 81'
  • Second goal for Kuwait in the 84' when Neil Etheridge, Azkals goal keeper left the goal unguarded to save the ball closer
  • Neil Etheridge is doing great until the 89' because Kuwait is still hungry for more goals before the match ends
Angel Guirado and Phil Younghusband did unsuccessful attempts.However, I believe the Azkals has given their best to fight against a tough team. Their journey in making it to 2014 FIFA World Cup is excellent.Beating Bangladesh, Mongolia and Sri Lanka to qualify for the second round is an achievement.Perhaps, it's not our time to shine yet.Furthermore, Philippine Azkals has renewed Filipinos' love for football!

Congratulations Kuwait Al-Azraq! The team  advances to the third round while the Azkals will have to do more practice by having invitational football matches with other countries to keep our dream alive.

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