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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kuwait vs Philippines 2nd Leg

It's disappointing to hear when the goalkeeper of Philippine Azkals Neil Etheridge was bothered by laser lights while playing their first leg match in Qadsia Stadium, Kuwait.I don't think a Filipino would do that among the crowd.It's undeniable that the Kuwaitis have proper coordination and communication in the field compared to our footballers but this kind of revelation annoys every Filipino who supports Azkals.FIFA promotes friendship, respect and equality among nations and I hope that this incident is given attention.

Tomorrow the Filipinos will wear white tees at Rizal Stadium to show our solid support for the Philippine football team.It's our way of encouraging them to continue to believe that we might win this match. Seeing how the first match goes I would say that Azkals needs miracle. The Kuwaitis are well-coordinated.They move fast and it was hard to make a goal!

I'm expecting an entertaining fight and better performance tomorrow despite the presence of pouring rain because Aly Borromeo and Stephan Schrock are back in the game!The kick off will start at 7pm and the live telecast will start at 5pm on Studio 23.Go beat Kuwait!

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