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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Waling Waling as Philippines' National Flower- A Good Idea?

A fragrant small white flower called sampaguita is the national flower of the Philippines I have known since I was a kid.It is chosen because of the fact that sampaguita is popular in Filipino legends and it's ornamental use.But the bill submitted by Davao City Representative Mylene Garcia-Albano makes me believe that it makes sense. It is a proposal making the Queen of Philippine Orchids which is Waling Waling to be the new symbol of Philippine flower.Why? Because of the following reasons:
  • Waling Waling has wide and colorful petals that reflects the hopeful attitude of Filipinos.Whereas, the simplicity of Sampaguita I think is no longer suitable nowadays.
  • Waling Waling  grows on tall hardwood tropical trees reaching for the sunlight as it climbs that symbolizes Filipinos perseverance and love for hard work. The flower has commensalism kind of relationship on trees that refers to the good relationship of the Philippines to our allied nations.Unlike sampaguita that stays on the ground that may be described as a Filipino who is contented and doesn't dream big.
  • When you look at waling waling you see bright future, long-term goals and worldwide achievements.Sampaguita, on the other hand, settles only for what we have when change, innovation and recreation is possible!
  • Waling Waling is like a modern Filipino but sampaguita looks like a traditional one that is contented.Its white color however that symbolizes purity is a good thing. (I don't think my readers agree to second sentence though.)
  • Waling Waling is endemic in Davao, Sultan Kudarat, Zamboanga and other parts of Mindanao.The native country of waling waling is indeed in the Philippines.I remember entering Filipino houses having different kinds of orchids in their gardens which is very common.On the contrary, sampaguita is a foreign flower from India and Arabia.
It's not because I live in Davao and I'm from Mindanao that's why I'm promoting this. Yes, I take pride because waling waling originally came from my city but I think making the Philippine Orchid as the National Flower in the Philippines is a good idea.

I'm pointing out the national spirit. I would agree that the national symbol of a country should reflect to the national character and vision of its constituents. Modern Filipinos have high aspirations. In my opinion, it's better to make a change. Waling waling defines Davao, Mindanao and Philippines as a whole. 
The second largest and easternmost island in the Philippines (Mindanao) is blessed with bountiful harvest, mineral deposits and beautiful flowers with its vast and rich forest. Let's not be blinded with the kidnappings, bombings and peace issues going on. Try to find out other good things about the land of promise.

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