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Saturday, March 29, 2008

What we did today??

Today we still have rain all day. I like the cold and the feeling when it rains. In times like this I guess each one of us inside this house has the chance to stay together at the living room. In the morning I watched a cartoon movie with all of them. Since we have a kid, we should give way to what kind of movie she wants. It’s the one from Walt Disney Pictures. It’s a story of a heffalump with Pooh and friends. Denise has a lot of DVD’s; from stories of princesses to Lion King and the likes. She was three when she had those DVD’s with her. Her mom and dad are really buying those for her. In the afternoon they played with Bob’s xbox while I’m in front of this computer updating my blogs. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to update all my blogs because our PC went wrong. I was very annoyed because I can’t continue what I was doing with the internet. I need to call somebody to fix this or else I’ll get head ache every time it happens again. After having our dinner we saw a TV show. A show that entertained us all. It’s like a survivor type of reality TV show but here the contingents are kids. It’s a great activity for the kids because they have task that test their physical fitness, alertness, smartness and social interaction. While they are in that isolated area or town, they were taught to have the sense of responsibility. They don’t have their mom or dad or siblings with them. So they really have to get along well with their peers and must show cooperation. The most important thing I got from that show is having the chance to lead. The role to handle other kids. Moreover, they’re practicing their own self to make a rightful and just decision for the common good. Furthermore, the spirit of teamwork is in their hearts. That’s one good aspect to have a strong nation in the future. The competition is not just merely offering money for the winners but more importantly caters an unusual experience and adventures for the kids that they can’t forget for the rest of their lives. I guess the show was “ Kid’s Nation”. My brother was watching also and at the back of my mind, he’s should be one of them to train himself. Teach him that mom is not forever with him. That he should be independent because in the first place he’s a guy and soon will raise his own family.

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