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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

National Cheering Competition

Last Sunday I watched a Cheering Competition in High School Division. This afternoon I got so bored and I can’t use the cpu since my brother is using it. I turned on the TV and I’m glad with what I saw. The University Athletic Association of the Philippines or UAAP was having the final game of football played by Far Eastern University (FEU) and Ateneo de Manila at the football ground of Ateneo. The Ateneo won with the score of 2-0. At first, football for me is so boring but now I found out it’s a cool sport. Football players should really be strong and fit because it’s more on physical contacts. I’m loving it now. The UAAP started in 1938 and is catering sports like swimming, baseball, judo, taekwondo, volleyball, basketball, football, fencing, table tennis, sop ball, chess and track & field. After the football game National Cheering Competition (NCC) followed. I didn’t change the channel because I love to see cheer dance competition. The said competition encompasses the colleges and universities in the country that have the ability to compete. In this event, there were only 10 groups of competitors. They were the schools that were able to make it to the finals. The judges are composed of tested and great ones that look for stunts and tumbling styles of the cheer dancers, tosses and pyramids, basic elements and dance routines. The contenders are Mapua Institute of the Philippines, Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP), Collegio de San Ignacio de Letran, University of Perpetual Help System Data, Ateneo de Manila University, Central Colleges of the Philippines, Lyceum Institute of Technology- Laguna, Mariano Marcos State University and the last but not the least the Palawan State University. Every contest has a rule to follow. Here, safety first should be observed. Dangerous stunts are not allowed to be executed. Performers should not go beyond the performing mat. Required activities should be present like stunts, tumbling, tosses and the likes. The performers are watched by floor officials while performing to keep them safe. They stay at their back and will back up them specially in pyramiding.

During the performance I noticed the colorful and clean costume of University of Perpetual Help System Data. They wore one with yellow, black, red and maroon colors. The CCP Bobcats of Central Colleges of the Philippines got the crowd roaring and shouting as they dance on the floor! I can see that the energy of the team is there from the beginning til the end. They were very synchronized. I thought that this group will win as the champions.

The winners of 2008 NCC are the following:

Champion- University of Perpetual Help System Delta

2nd place- Central Colleges of the Philippines

3rd place- Palawan State University

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