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Friday, March 28, 2008

The Golden Lady of Pediatrics

" I believe the children are our future.....teach them well and let them lead the way..." this song performed by Whitney Houston is very common to us. Almost everybody knows what this song is. It's a song that touches our hearts and lifts our spirit for love for children. This love for children keep Dr. Fe del Mundo to continue what she had started. For those who doesn't her, Dr. Fe del Mundo is a Filipino pediatrician. I can't believe that she still alive! I just saw a segment about her in TV few minutes ago and finally I saw her in video. I was smiling while the program was talking about her because I just got to read her name in books! In my Science subject in elementary I already knew that she was the one who improvised an "incubator". During her time, there was no incubators available in the country. She made it for the new born babies who were needing it in order to survive and live a normal life. That's all I have in mind about her. It's been years and yet I can't forget her name and her contribution among all those Filipino Scientists . After I saw the said show, I learned more about this generous and giver heart. According to Charlene Gonzales, the host of the show, Dr. Fe wanted to study medicine because her 2 siblings died at young age;that is in chilhood. That made her decide to be on pediatrics. Dr. Fe del Mundo had already citations and awards. In 1977, she was a Pres. Ramon Magsaysay Awardee for Public Service. In addition, Ferdinand Marcos named del Mundo as a National Scientist of the Philippines. She also received an Elizabeth Blackwell Award for Outstanding Service to Mankind. The Filipino children who are in need of medical support inspired Dr. Fe. Until now at her age she still does a morning round in the pediatric hospital. Speaking of hospital, this big heart person was able to sell some of her wealth to put up a pediatric hospital which was later named after her. During Worl War I, she went home in the country from the states and voluntered at Red Cross. Dr. Fe del Mundo is a legacy; a kind-hearted woman who dedicate herself for public service giving prior to our future generation. While watching her on TV, I can tell that she's still beautiful. This coming November she'll turn 97! God really made her a useful person on earth.I can feel the inner beauty that she has. No wonder she lives a long life. There was a part when she was listening to a heartbeat of one of the cancer patients in hospitals. I can sense that she's happy and contented with her life. While she's in a wheelchair I can see her face glowing and smiling at the people around her! This "Golden Lady of Pediatrics in the Philippines" had written books and helped research works. This month we are celebrating a Women's Month and Dr. Fe del Mundo make us all proud as a woman and as a Filipina as well. " Give your best to the world and you'll get the same"- Dr. Fe del Mundo
An image of her past and present

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