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Friday, May 23, 2008

Music and Blog Search

Every music lover has their own favorite tracks and artist. If they hear something good and just knew its title people look for the singers/band groups of that specific song. Searching for people is no longer a hard one. You just have to enter names,tags or any that can distinguish that thing that you are looking for. However, you have to be specific to narrow down the searches and get good result. If I'm bored in here I do look for Sarah Geronimo or Jordin Sparks. In my networking accounts I look for my classmates and batch mates! It's fun to do this and see their new looks. I am thankful that we have this search engines that enable us to connect again to the people that we used to know. As of now, I give more time in blogging activity and I also search for other people's blogs. It's obvious that we are looking for cool and interesting blogs. Of course we don't want to waste our time in reading posts that are not worth reading. And oh by the way I'm a fan Neyo too. I keep on listening to his "Because of You".

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