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Sunday, June 22, 2008

PDA's 1st Gala Performance Night

PDA's 1st Gala Performance Night is the official day for the lucky 16 scholars to show the public what they'd got! After a week of staying with their mentors and teachers they'll be judge with their performance with the use of their learned strategies in singing the right way. That night was shaky for them because they'll be facing the resident jurors to give assessment and corrections with their output after the help they got from the experts. A week is not enough to make them the best singer or performer and yet a lot of positive changes were seen in each scholar. Each of them are trying to make themselves shine on that night. I like the performance of Liezel, Van, Apple, and Ross. The songs that they had sang were dedicated to their fathers in line with the celebration of Father's Day. Each of them picked up the perfect song for their loving papa or daddy.Luckily Chivas was able to be on stage after the incident that happened to him the night before the show. He was delivered to the hospital due to involuntary palpitation. In other words, he's having a faster heartbeat that the normal times because of stress. Hmmm if this is his case he can't run the race in the business that he wanted to be in. We all know that working in showbiz is a stressful yet heavenly one. The top 3 scholars of the week are Miguel, Liezel and Van. And the hailed Star Scholar of the Week is Liezel who is the Pride of Puerto Galera garnering an average score of 89.96%! I like her song and the way she sang it! It's almost perfect! The song was Dance with my Father Again.As a prize, she got the cellphone that she wanted for her granny.It's a simple wish that was granted to her for being the best scholar of the week! " Enjoy and feel the song while performing" is the key that your audience will also enjoy your performance as well as the jurors.

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