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Saturday, July 12, 2008

PDA's 4th Gala Performance Night

Live performance of the week is through getting a buddy to sing with. Each scholars had picked up their own choices and songs as well. The competition for now will be by pair. They will be judge together. The visitor juror of the week is Miss Jaime Rivera, a singer and recording artist. The list of pairs who performed at the activity hall are the following:
  1. Van with Apple
  2. Laarni and Iñaki
  3. Christian together with Bunny
  4. the lovers Miguel and Bea
  5. Chris with Sen
  6. Bugoy paired with Liezel
Looking at their performances the best who did best for me are the pair Bugoy-Liezel and Laarni-Iñaki. Every week I always expect great performances from the 1st three people I mentioned.Since the PDA began, I already admired them.And now, they didn't disappointed me. So are the jurors and audience. On the other hand, the bottom 4 are Chris-Sen with an average performance of 5.06% and Bea-Miguel with 5.36% only. Chris was the one saved the dream mentors while Sen was saved by his fellow scholars. I know Sen's happy for being safe this week. I can feel his eagerness and determination to stay in the academy to excel in his singing talent.Thus, the probationary scholars of the week are the love team inside the PDA who are Miguel and Bea. Next week we'll find out who's gonna stay and continue his/her learning with music and who will finally leave the academy. Hmmm wait, there was no announcement made for the Scholar of the Week, right? Or it's really not part of the program for now....

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