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Friday, July 11, 2008

Iisa Pa Lamang

A new Kapamilya teleserye is about to be aired in Philippine tv. Next week will be the scheduled of the first come back tv career of Mr. Gabby Conception in being part of a tv series Iisa pa Lamang. A hunk actor during his time and the father of Ms. KC Conception. Gabby left for United States 13 years ago after the controversial announcement of wrong person to be the best actress made by him. The lead role is taken by Ms. Claudine Baretto. Together with the set are Diether Ocampo, Susan Rocess, Cherry Pie Pichache, Angelica Panganiban, Melissa Ricks, Matt Evans and more showbiz personalities. I'm not sure if I still have time to watch it every night because by next week I'm gonna have my one-week observation with the Language Institute.I had my written exam and interview with the supervisor last Tuesday. I'm hoping that I'll get the job!Good luck yo myself. I'm excited to see those valued stars again in front of cameras. Well I guess I can catch it through asking the people in here what's the serye is all about. Laurice Guillen is the director of the said teleserye. We'll see in here if Gabby's still loved by Filipino people after all. This is a test/experimental if he can make his name shine again like what he used to be 13 years ago.

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