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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Poy Palma- the Honorary Scholar of PDA Season 2

An honorary scholar in the person of Poy Palma from Zamboanga was given a chance to perform on stage last July 26. She sang the song "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing". Poy also has the chance to become officially one of the Top 10 Headmaster's List of Scholars. She's one of the waiting list during the final casting of 16 official scholars to stay and study music in PDA Season 2. On this day onwards, Poy's job is to aim to be "The Best Performer of the Week" will start and she'll receive Php50,000. If she will be able to become the best scholar of the week for 3 consecutive weeks, she'll get a total money of Php150,000. She's given two choices: give up the money or become a regular scholar. However, if Poy will decide to give up the money she does not have the privilege of contending for the Grand Star title.
During the 6th Gala and Expulsion Night, I first saw her performance and hmmmm the judges were not quite impressed with it. So was I.We'll see more of her then in the following days.

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