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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Small Boy Wonder Christian Expelled in PDA's 6th Gala & Performance Night

During the PDA's 6th Gala & Performance Night, Small Boy Wonder Christian from Taguig was expelled in the academy. He only got a total of 43.99 percent of the text votes while Iñaki got 56.01%. The night's guest juror was Verni Varga.This Saturday's performances was groupings-trio. Since Christian and Iñaki are the probationary scholars they did duet and single performances. The scholars were grouped together. Each group consists of 3 scholars. Each group will have 2 presentations- with music and a capella.
Iñaki completed the last spot in the Headmaster’s list of top ten scholars. After the performances of all scholars, Bugoy's group presentation ( by the Beatles) was chosen to be the Best Performance of the Night. Below is the title of the songs performed by the scholars of PDA Season 2. Inaki - To Where You Are (solo) Christian - Shout For Joy (solo) Inaki and Christian - Panalangin (duet) Bugoy, Hansen and Van - Yesterday (a capella) Liezel, Cris, Bunny - Stop (upbeat) Bugoy, Hansen and Van - Tearing Up My Heart (upbeat) Apple, Miguel and Laarni - Let's Groove Tonight (upbeat) Liezel, Cris and Bunny - Tide is High (a capella) Apple, Miguel and Laarni - Too Much Heaven (a capella)

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