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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hypertension Day

Statistics show that every year the number of people who are affected or suffering from a deadly discomfort which is hypertension continues to rise.The worse thing is, it's now affecting young age noticeably. Eating too much salty and fatty food caused it.Lack of exercise added to acquire such condition.In line with the celebration of Hypertension Day the Department of Health continues their campaign in decreasing the number of cases like this in the communities. As of this moment my mom is getting high blood pressure and I hate to think the times when she feels bad about something.We're all careful not to depress her.My mom is getting old and we don't want her to end up her life soon.Now she's unwell.She was a bit sick on Mother's Day.Hopefully she'll get over with her unpleasant condition.I love my mom so much.I value her as much as other children do with theirs.At home we have our own medical instrument to monitor her blood pressure regularly.That's the doctor's advise to keep her safe.Furthermore,she's taking her maintenance daily. Hypertension is considered a "silent killer". A "traitor" that will eventually kill anybody.So the best thing to do is to keep ourselves healthy by eating less fats and having more green leafy vegetables along with healthy fruits.Our daily habit greatly affects our physical health so it's now your choice if you choose wellness or not.

1 comment:

alone said...

gosh. you're right. it's a silent killer (=_=)

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