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Friday, May 08, 2009

Personal Safety & Self Defense

I've just read an article which is very easy to comprehend.It's totally readable! The choice of words are just right.They're simple,brief and I don't have to look up some of the words in a reference book to fully understand it!I sighed when I've seen how long the writing is.However, The Bear Facts about Personal Safety and Self-defence is worth reading! I've come to realize that the article is just right for my situation lately! It's true that we can't stop unwanted things to happen around us.Neither stop the rising rate of violation of rights and drug addiction nor stop people from killing and stealing.Protecting ourselves is in our hands.We can perform it by having these concepts; proper knowledge, doing preparations and practicing what we had learned. Remember we can't eliminate bad things on earth but we can somehow reduce it by avoiding possible risk and doing safety precautions at home and wherever we are.Being wise is still a key in saving our lives.Furthermore, our human instincts have saved us from a lot of troubles or accidents so keep listening and paying attention to it.
"We can't change or alter our life to be safe always yet we can change things of how we would want it to go by."


Stephen said...

Self defence is a must have skill and knowledge in this world. Not just physically but mentally as well.

ladyinpurple said...

You've got a point too!
Thanks Stephen (^_^)

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