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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm Going to Miss my Ohana

Things will change on this day forward.Our house is quieter. I don't understand myself right now.I'm bored that I don't feel like doing something.I feel emptiness somehow. Five people temporarily said goodbye to us today.I've got two sisters and three nieces.The kids are now joining their parents.They had left to be with their dad again.As I was fixing my room I'd come to realize that starting tomorrow there'll be no anybody to enter it and do some mess.My nieces sometimes like to stay there and play with each other.They're not going to leave my room without touching or destroying anything!Well, kids are kids (^_^) Here they are-my three lovely angels. I'll surely miss how they call my name, the way they eat, and our bonding time.After work they're excited to see me when I promise that I'm going to stroll our village with them.They'd love to ride their kiddie tricycle and see other children outside home. As of this moment they're at Ninoy International Airport in Manila.They're waiting for their boarding time.To kill the time after we dropped them at Davao International Airport I did the washing-up,cleaning the rooms,and tidying up everything. Mom didn't come with us at the airport.She told us that she doesn't want to show them that she's crying as they leave. She kept herself busy upstairs just like what I did downstairs.However, now that the kids' vacation in the country is over she can go wherever she wants and do what she pleases.This weekend my boyfriend's family is inviting us to visit their place.It's a two-hour ride.So I'm tagging her, my sister's boyfriend and his brother as well. I'm praying for their safety and I hope that they'll have a pleasant journey on their way back to England.God bless them all.

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