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Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Shaken Relationship

A relationship that has rooted and founded already is hardly destroyed.Though inevitable things occur and sometimes shake the two people involved, misunderstanding and arguments are taken cared of. At times, I can think of quitting.I feel like giving up.Sometimes I have the thoughts that start with the expression "what if......". While I was on my way home and slowly strolling the sidewalk I came to realize that it's uneasy for new people that I met to separate me and my partner. Regardless of how long we've been together it's hard for me to start all over again with another man.It needs adjustments again and getting to know each other more and deeply.I've been meeting good guys too as I continue to live my life but I think nobody can outwit and outnumber the things that my boyfriend can do and give for me.I thank God for giving this kind of person to be with me through out the year and I'm looking forward for more romantic and wonderful days with him.However, a person once told me that a strong force can perhaps make it possible.Well, I guess so.

1 comment:

alone said...

Don't be sad too long. There's a lot of challenge ahead. It's time to start again and live a happy life.

Life's going on, buddy =)

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